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Briefly about The International University of Ministry & Education - Missouri

The International University is a non-traditional, resident & non-residency institution, offering the success-motivated professional the opportunity to receive a degree based on new coursework, assessment / evaluation of their life and work experience, and PLA, Prior Life Experience assessment. Since our distance learning degree programs require no classroom attendance, and you are assessed on prior professional experiences, you could obtain your degree in a shorter period of time, or through our Fast-Track Program.

The International University (TIU), Missouri Office offers certificate, advanced certificate, undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral degree programs of a Religious & Theological nature. Many of the courses are identical to business courses taught in many traditional institutions, only with a religious emphasis. TIU also offers accelerated programs for the experienced learner.

TIU is managed by the University Management Services, a division of IBEC, a Delaware Corporation with the recognized International Business Apostille. IBEC is an International Business Corporation established by Harvard Business Services, and Apostille by "Convention de La Haye, du 5 Octobre, 1961"

Since the founding of CSTM in 1994, (as announced/discussed on C-SPAN TV) and its renaming to The International University (TIU) in 1997, over 50% of our graduates have attended at least one of its full time resident programs, spanning to a two to four year duration. Graduates of the Bachelor and Master Degree programs have been evaluated to be equivalent to other internationally recognized degree and degree completion programs. TIU graduates have been successful in many areas, including teaching at traditional universities, employment advancement, and other international endeavours.

TIU has been undergoing an "in-depth" evaluation regarding specific program offerings and regulatory compliance comparable to traditional, DOE/MOE recognized on-line universities. After careful review, TIU has been validated by the United Kingdom Commission for Consistent Learning, as a certified institution, passing all criteria, and is now a fully-validated institution as laid out by the Assessment Board. CCL is listed in the British Qualifications Guide, and is a member of many professional bodies.

Many programs offered by TIU have been evaluated as equivalent to USA Regionally Accredited Degrees by California University Foreign Credit Evaluator (CUFCE) In fact; TIU-ME is one of the few non-traditional universities whose credits have been accepted by several Ministry of Education recognized institutions.

TIU faculty are comparable in every respect to the finest faculty in the world. In every respect, TIU and partner faculty meet the most stringent of academic standards and requirements within many licensing jurisdictions in the world.

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