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Personalized Education at TIU – Missouri

Personalized education is the norm at The International University (TIU). Anyone may assist in creating a curriculum especially tailored to its personal and professional needs. The curriculum at TIU is highly flexible and challenging. Students are free to explore areas of human knowledge in depth at their own rate of comprehension and retention.

Independent Studies

Most of TIU’s academic programs are conducted through independent study. The basic function of this university is teaching and learning. Every effort is made to assure that the tutorial relationship is of pragmatic value to each of its students. TIU offers its students a wide range of potential tutors to guide their study and research efforts.

The International University is constantly adding members of the adjunct faculty to enhance the quality of its academic programs. The International University has created and maintains an international network of tutors who are all holders of earned academic degrees from recognized institutions of higher education of International repute. All are well-versed in their particular areas of expertise, and, most importantly enjoy working directly with students on study and research projects.

Global Classroom

TIU offers students virtually a worldwide classroom. It has created an expanding network of study centres throughout the world to facilitate a combination of travel and learning experiences for its students and faculty. TIU encourages full utilization of available community resources, which comprise a priceless and limitless range of cultural and educational possibilities, which could never be confined to any single University campus. The International University offers an alternative to lock step stereotypical higher education. TIU has a simple organizational structure, equality of all faculty members, and freedom from enervating bureaucratic rules and procedures. The major emphases of the University are directed toward Tran cultural and interdisciplinary studies revealing the interrelationships of all men and knowledge.

Open Academic Policy

TIU has a completely open admissions policy for all secondary school graduates. The University assumes that all persons have an equal right to the opportunity to pursue their studies to the complete extent they are individually capable. TIU has a flexible enrolment policy; the students may begin at any time they are ready to assume the responsibility of University-level study.

TIU offers the opportunity to experience a relatively inexpensive education of superior quality. We do not have a colossal overhead created by too many administrators having too little to do with teaching, nor do we have a massive physical plant to maintain or renovate.

Consequently, students do not face the choice of either a superior education at private institutions with almost prohibitive fees or an assembly-line public education. TIU offers a viable alternative by combining the positive factors of each type of education.

The course work at TIU is very writing-intensive. Rather than give comprehensive final examinations for each course, the students are required to write a summation and analysis paper for each lesson assignment given. These papers should generally be from five to ten pages in length or long enough to completely cover the material presented in the lesson assignments. Some programs differ in examination, study and other procedures.

There are no time limits or deadlines for course completion and more than one course may be taken at a time. However, each course must be completed before it is submitted to TIU for evaluation. No incomplete course work will be accepted.

Upon receipt of a course, members of the TIU faculty will evaluate the papers and the grades will be returned to the student as soon as possible. The average grade for all papers submitted for a course will be the final grade for that course.

Each course generally takes about two months to complete. However, this is only a rough estimate. With good study habits and sufficient study time, a student can finish a course sooner.

Should a student decide to change a course at any time during their degree program at TIU, he or she may do so by notifying our offices of the proposed change. If the course change is approved, the student will be sent the course materials for the new course and their cost will be added to the student's bill. The old materials may be returned to TIU and their cost will be deducted from the student's book account. However, a $50 processing fee will be applied for each course change. Remember, you set your own pace for both academic and financial requirements.

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