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The International University of Ministry and Education

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Postgraduate Programs

Eligibility: Bachelor's Degree plus 2 years of field/life experience or Diploma of 2 years with work experience of 3 years & above.

Course Level

Degree Program

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Core programs are comparable to traditional university programs, only with a Religious emphasis. Since TIU is a non-denominational institution, all religious beliefs are accepted.

The MCBA Program requires that you, as an adult learner, assume a great deal of responsibility for you own learning process. The responsibility begins with the selection of a field of study which fits in your special interests, background and goals. The program makes it possible for you to choose an area of study that would otherwise be unavailable, either because it is not offered in any university, or because it is not offered at one convenient to you.

  • M.C.B.A. Master of Christian Business Administration
  • M.C.E. Master of Christian Education
  • M.C.M. Master of Christian Ministries
  • C.W.C. Christian Workers Advanced Certificate
  • Custom Programs can be designed as part of the student learning contract
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